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We are now at the threshold of the new age; the old world has gone and with it the ways of separation and lack of community. Moon circles are our connection to the ancient ways of the past brought into this present time for the rebirth of unity and collective consciousness amongst us.

The moon is the feminine energy which is the vibration of our future for a world where love, compassion, inner knowing and togetherness will reign. So the moon draws us together shining her light upon our darkness and instilling us with her wisdom.

These circles will work with all the phases of the moon as well as connecting to the moons of other planets for the time for limited thinking has gone as we embrace universal energies.

The circles are essentially about love and community but they also provide wisdom, healing and ceremony for the evolution of the soul. Held monthly around the time of the full moon they will be filled with the essence of that time and as the month progresses a healing and a change in awareness will take place.

Many teachers will participate bringing their own particular directions suitable for the occasion and the energies present will be extremely powerful with the potential to heal at the deepest levels clearing the physical and the emotional body of old pain and hurts. The group energy will bond as time passes by creating a haven and a place of sanctuary.

Sisterhood at its most profound is created far and wide but men may also form their own circles for men in the traditions of the ancient brotherhood working with the divine feminine qualities of nurturing and intuition.

As the moon circles spread across the land and across the world bonds will be formed never to be broken as we all unite in the one spirit. Honouring the turning of the wheel of the year will bring a deep connection to the cycles of life and celebration will always play a major part in our gatherings.

Ceremonies will be performed according to the old ways; baptism into light and symbolic death and rebirth rituals. The most holy of these ceremonies will be the sacred marriage of two souls when they are ready, joined together never to be separate from each other thereafter.

How often have you looked up to the moon and felt the magic of its spirit with inner stirrings which touch you deeply. The time has come for us to fully understand its wisdom with teachings which have not been available for so long. We now have access to these and they have the potential to transform your life forever. Let us join together by the light of the moon and sow the seeds for the future of humankind when we will live in communities where everyone is taken car of and no-one is separate.

So, our moon communities commence in this exciting journey of love, peace and friendship where old souls come together once more.







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