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June Moon Circle

Juneís full moon occurs on June 9th in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is one of the most mystical and spiritual of all the signs and within it at 26 degrees is the galactic centre and so the teachings from this full moon will take you out into the very centre of our galaxy.

With this work we do many people spend a lot of time in the higher realms of spirit and out in the universe and the cosmos and even though this is part of what we do the majority of our work lies here upon the Earth where we need to be fully rooted. We have come here to work with the Earth and to help with its Ascension as well as our own. If you spend too much time in the higher regions of spirit you can become ungrounded and out of balance so remember at all times that we are meant to be here fully present upon the planet.

The teachings from this moon are very mystical and require you to open your mind as never before and observe and accept everything you see and feel. This work which we do which is not for everyone upon the spiritual path, it is only for certain ones who are deeply mystical, connects us to such profound energies that we become an even purer channel for the finer vibrations from the light.


Here are the teachings for Juneís full moon:

Draw down the light of Sirius in through your Crown filling you and then see it radiate out into the circle around you.

In this first journey you are to travel out into the universe but first of all you will make your connections and draw down the light of the full moon.

Connect to the full moon in the sky above you and draw down its light taking it in and filling yourself completely with it. Sit for a moment so that you fully absorb this lunar light allowing it to expand your consciousness so that you are ready for your cosmic travel.

As you feel the light within you it is as though you are made of unlimited particles of light and you feel that light within you begin to spin and after a while you feel a change in your consciousness and you see that you have travelled from the Earth to the Milky Way, the very centre of our galaxy. You have been brought to a planet much like the Earth but with its own vibrations. This is a planet with 13 moons and you can feel as soon as you arrive there the power of the lunar energy within this place.

You see before you a temple, the Temple of the 13 moons and you know that there are many other planets too inhabited by beings who work for the good of all just as you do. The Temple door opens and you step inside and there waiting for you are 13 priestesses, priestesses filled with so much light.

They welcome you and tell you that you have been brought here so that an exchange may be made of lunar light between you and the lunar light which you have within you will benefit their planet whilst their lunar light will bring great blessings to our Earth.

The 13 priestesses stand around you in the circle and you open your hands and see that the light which you took in from the full moon upon the Earth now begins to pour from you and is received in the hands of all these beings around you. You watch as your light enters them and they begin to shine with a greater radiance.

After this they lead you to the very centre of the Temple which is open to the sky and they ask you to draw down the light of their moons and you allow this cosmic lunar light to fill you from your Crown down through all your chakras. When this exchange of light is complete you sit with the priestesses and you begin to remember the lives you have lived on other planets too where you were a priestess and a healer and as you do this a great awakening takes place within you as you realise how many times you have done this work before.

When it is time to return back to the Earth you bid your galactic sisters goodbye and you return back to the Earth filled with the moonlight from their planet.

As part of the work we do and always have done in many other lives we have healed the Earth and it is always a very important aspect of everything we do. At this moment much light is needed upon the planet and you are being called to step up the light work which you do.

You are now joined together as one to send your light out to mother Earth.

You enter deep within the sanctity of your heart going deeper than you have ever been before until you come to an old door covered in cobwebs, it is so ancient for it hasnít been used for so very long. You open the door and you find yourself in a chamber specifically to be used for sending out the light and even though you are accustomed to sending out healing you have never before entered the deepest recesses of your heart to do this.

The vibration within this sacred space is like nothing you have felt before and so you prepare yourself to send out the light to the Earth, the light you will send out will be the lunar light which you have brought back from the planet which you visited. Just as your light will help that planet then the light you have received will help hours but it is galactic light and filled with the most cosmic vibrations of love and peace.

You feel the lunar light within you which you received from the 13 moons and you begin to channel it out into the world with the knowledge that you are doing this in unison with your sisters and you see this light spreading and covering everything until the whole world is lit up like a giant ball of light.

We meditate, contemplate, journey, hold ceremony and do so many other things as we work with the moon but praying is also very important and the whole of creation waits to join you in your prayers. We pray for the world and we pray for people whom we know need help but it is important also that you pray for yourself and this is not selfish for you must never be left out. Praying carries the same energy as meditation and sometimes it creates a much higher vibration.

Here is the scene where you are to pray. The sacred place which has been chosen is deep in nature but mingled with all the overgrown plants are the ruins of an old Abbey which looks as though it is part of the landscape. You begin to remember the feelings you have had when you have visited ancient sacred places, of the feelings from the old stones and the overgrown plants and of the wildness of nature and you remember how you could almost touch the divinity in everything. This is what you feel here.

You sit and prepare yourself to pray but as you do this there emerges from all around you all sorts of beings, elemental beings, tree spirits, ancient beings of light, animal spirits, fairies, Angels; they all step forward as a huge crowd to join in with your prayers. In your heart you are so aware of how much the world needs your help for all these beings are ready and willing to join you.

A great quietness fills this place as you begin to pray and you pray for the world and you pray for those whom you know who need help and last of all you pray for yourself. When you have completed these prayers you will find that those around you begin to communicate with you and they will bring you the help which you need and the answers to your prayers. You then know without a doubt that you never walk alone upon this Earth and that there is always help there and all you need to do is to sit and receive that help.

The teachings for June feel very holy, holy in the sense of wholeness for that is what holiness is, to be whole and in harmony. They feel very sacred and it is as though we are all being asked to take a step deeper into ourselves and open ourselves up to the great mysteries of life. From this moment know that you are a Mystic and the time has come for you to open the door for the Mystic knowledge to be released from deep within you.

I wish you many blessings for this month and may the light of the summer solstice light your way forward so that your path is always lit enabling you to see which way to go.

With love Margaret



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